Pavana Dam, Lonavala – A weekend getaway

Pavana Dam, located near Lonavala is one of the lesser visited places around Lonavala, compared to the other places. So if you have driven down from Mumbai to Lonavala and are wondering what to do next after visiting the usual Lonavala places, try this place which is just about 20 kilometers from Lonavala.


There are around two routes which can be taken to reach this place from the Lonavala side. Travel up to the Pavana lake which is slightly away from the Pavana dam wall for a scenic view. The place is accessible from Pune from Paud road.

Overlooking the Pavana Lake

Pavana Location

Places to see around Pavana

Pavana Dam

The dam is constructed across the Pavana river, which originates in the south of Lonavala.


There are options of water sports and camping near the dam.

View From Pavana Dam Wall

Tung Fort

A hill fort in the middle of the lake which can be reached to with a ferry boat.

Tung Fort

Tikona Fort

A 3500 ft fort triangular in shape.

Offbeat Places To Stay Around

There are places where you can go camping near the dam.

Villas near Lonavala if you have a big group.


Distance from Pune to Pavana via Paud Road – Around 61 kilometers.

Distance from Lonavala to Pavana Dam via Dudhiware Khind – Around 17.5 kilometers.

The roads are a bit risky and not well maintained. Travel safe.

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