The Fascinating Walk from the Amer Fort Tunnel to the Jaigarh Fort

When we started our research about the Amer Fort tunnel, some of the sources claimed that the tunnel is closed. Some even claimed that no such tunnel exists! We had to ask the locals as adequate information wasn’t available online. Although I had seen the tunnel in videos, I was concerned about safety. Our cab driver from Jaipur and a few other people were also not able to give us the exact information we needed.

Are Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort connected by a tunnel?

The truth is, the tunnel does exist! It was built as an escape route in case of an attack. It lies on the western side of the palace. It is accessible from the Man Singh Palace, Zenani Deorhi and Diwan-i-Khas. The tunnel entrance which is open to the public is near the museum, where huge kitchen utensils are kept on display.

Jaigarh Fort stands taller than the Amer Fort. It was built to protect the Amer Fort.


Is the Amer Fort Tunnel Safe to Visit?

We had almost given up on our plan due to lack of information. After seeing the Amber Fort and almost reaching the exit way, a guard insisted that we should go and check the tunnel. We were happy as the success chances of our trekking plan to Jaigarh had suddenly increased.

We quickly asked him if it was safe to visit since we were three female travelers. He replied that there are guards sitting everywhere on the way. It was going to take us approximately 30-45 minutes to reach Jaigarh. With that, we concluded that our plan was on. We requested our cab driver who was waiting for us in the Amer Fort parking to reach to the parking of the Jaigarh Fort and pick us from there.

Amber Fort Secret Tunnel Glimpses

We were totally excited looking at the entrance but a little scared considering only three of us were inside the tunnel. Most of the people take the road and don’t prefer adventures like these!

This was the starting point of the tunnel. As we kept walking, all we could think of was historical movies or documentaries.
The tunnel is subterraneous till a point near Rang Mahal.
This was where the tunnel ended.
We came across a connection from the palace to the tunnel way.
What came next was something which made us think of “The Great Wall of China”. The stone floor pavements also took us back to some of the castles we visited in Europe. The vibe was such. We were amazed. Also, the Jaigarh Fort was now visible.
As we moved towards the Jaigarh Fort, we looked behind, we could see the gate of the Jaigarh Fort as well as Amber Fort somewhere far behind.
We reached the Jaigarh Fort ticket counter.
Once we reached inside the Jaigarh Fort, we could clearly see the Amer Fort.
Amer Fort Tunnel from Jaigarh
That is where we had started from.

How much time does it take from the Amer Fort Tunnel to Jaigarh?

It takes approximately 30-45 minutes for the hike. The tunnel is about 1.5 – 2 kms long, followed by a path which takes you to Jaigarh. At the end of the path you’ll reach the Jaigarh Fort ticket counter from the back side of the fort.

Some tips to consider

Senior citizens or small children should avoid this path. Apart from that, the path should be avoided towards the evening as the forts close at 5 pm. The hike can be tiring for a few. Carry water, else you’ll find some stalls directly after reaching the Jaigarh Fort.

Amer Fort Tunnel Video

Distance Between Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort by Road

By road, the two forts are around 7 kms away from each other. It takes around 15-20 minutes to reach the fort by road.

We concluded the day after checking out all the corners of the Jaigarh Fort. As per our conversation, our cab driver was waiting for us in the Jaigarh Fort parking and we joined him there.

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