Food Dosti with T&S Bistro

Food Dosti is India’s Biggest Zero Food Wastage Platform.

In the day and age where zero food wastage has become the need of the hour, Samvad Social Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has brought forth a concept that ensures you dine for a cause. 

This concept strives to bring together patrons and restaurants over an effortless, user-friendly application that rewards you with loyalty points for every clean plate. The points can be redeemed later in your next visit to the restaurant.

I visited the T&S Bistro to try the app. This time around, I tried the Holiday Feast at the bistro.

What I Had at the T&S Bistro

Sula Brut
You can never go wrong with this one.


This one had a cranberry puree and pineapple crush. This was poured in a glass of candy floss to get an amazing sweet and sour mocktail.

mistletoe mocktail tns

Pesto Pull Apart
This was an oregano herb loaf filled with cashew pesto, cheddar and gooey cheese.

Pesto Pull Apart-tales-n-spirits-sb-road

Activated Charcoal Pizza
With the activated charcoal trend still going strong, this was an attempt to make the pizza unique with the black pizza base. This was a thin crust pizza. It was topped with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, goat cheese and crispy walnuts.

charcoal-pizza-tns-sb road

Grilled Shitake Mushrooms vs Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoes
This was served with a potato puree. As a mushroom lover, loved this combination.


T&S Macaron Love
We were served Lemon, Orange Cointreau, Vanilla Bean and Nutella macarons. Nutella obviously had to be my favorite.


Based in Pune, the application now has over 190 restaurants registered with them. Food Dosti plans to launch in Mumbai this month, and extend its services to patrons as well as restaurants based in the maximum city. Apart from this, Food Dosti has numerous, interactive ideas to motivate users who believe in zero wastage.

 If you leave the restaurant with leftovers, Food Dosti will send this to those in need and put the food to better use. Earn loyalty points with every visit, and participate in a good cause every time you’re out dining with your close friends and family.


-You can download the Food Dosti App on Android from here.

*We were invited by the Food Dosti App Team*

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