The 1st Floor, FC Road

The 1st Floor is located on FC Road. The place is situated on the first floor and hence the name. The place is inspired by many things Persian and that is reflected on the menu and the ambience. The restaurant serves North Indian and Muglai cuisine.

The 1st Floor Location

What I had

Watermelon Mojito

This mojito had a watermalon flavor with a hint of mint to it.


The other drinks we tried were Blue Bomber, Mint Iced Tea and Green Apple.


Chicken Sholay Kebab

The chicken was first marinated and semi cooked. It was then washed in egg and char grilled once again.


Chicken Ashiyana Kebab

This one is served in two different marinations. The kebabs were cooked perfectly. Since the procedure of cooking the kebabs is a little different here, it takes a little bit of time to cook them perfectly.


Paneer Sholay Kebab

Paneer Sholay Kebab was nicely marinated and cooked and topped with cheese. Again, a delicious starter.


Chana Chilli Dry

Now this is a Chinese Indian fusion dish. Chana is tossed in soy, shallots and capsicum. Since Chana was used in the regular Chinese dry gravy kind of  a sauce, I found it to be a little dry.


Triple Schezwan

I am pretty sure that most of you would be familiar with this dish. For those who don’t know, all I can say is that it is a complete VFM meal with the gravy, noodles and Schezwan rice served together.


Paneer Pasanda

The paneer was cooked perfectly. The spices were nice and the curry aromatically mild as it is supposed to be. I had it with Kulcha which was amazing as well.


Murg Musallam

I usually don’t prefer eating curries which are topped with egg. So had this after a really long time. I cannot judge it’s authenticity due to the same reason. But the taste was good.


TFF Special Biryani

 Biryanis are one of the specialities of TFF. The biryanis were nicely spiced and aromatic. The rice was cooked perfectly.


Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda needs no description. I liked the Shahi Tukda because of the fact that it was not over sweet. It was topped with crushed nuts.


Caramel Custard

The custard was well set. This is one of my favorite desserts and I loved it.



The restaurant has a Persian ambience. More on the dark and blue side. The ambience goes with the vibe and the theme of the place.



All in all a nice pocket friendly place on FC Road which serves good kebabs and biryani.

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