Tea Trails Cafe, Aundh

Tea Trails Cafe has recently opened up in Aundh and for all the tea lovers this is something to try. Tea Trails serves gourmet teas, salads, quick bites and desserts. We were here for a tasting and tried different types of tea, salad, pizza and desserts. Being new to tea, tried to get some information about the types.


What I Had at Tea Trails Cafe Aundh

White Tea

White tea is unprocessed and produced from buds of the tea bush. It has a hint of rose flavor.

Bun Maska

White tea tastes good paired with Bun Maska. This one was a sugary buttery Bun Maska.

Kashmiri Kahwah

This beverage is made out of a blend of spices and almonds and has a base of green tea.

Burmese Tea Salad

A nutty salad with fermented green tea leaves, lettuce in a garlic sesame dressing. Paired with Kashmiri Kahwah.

Kashmiri Kahwah + Burmese Tea Salad

Lapsang Souchong

This tea has a chinese origin. It has a smoky flavor and a pretty strong taste.

Three Cheese Pizza

This one was a regular cheese pizza with black olives. It was paired with lapsang souchong. The combination was pretty strong for my taste.

Three Cheese Pizza-Tea Trails Aundh
Three Cheese Pizza + Lapsang Souchang

Fruity Waffle

Waffle with cream, apple, banana and strawberry crush.

Fruity Waffle

Red Zen

This red colored tea blend is sweet and sour at the same time and is a combo of hibiscus, cloves, lavender, orange, lemon grass and stevia.

Strawberry Affogato

A blend of strawberry and vanilla topped with mango bubbles.

Red Zen and Strawberry Affogato

Mango Bubble Tea

This is a mango cooler topped with mango bubbles. Liked this one the most in all of them I tried.

Mango Bubble Tea

Tea Trails Cafe Ambience





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