Sara Soda, NIBM

bebinka-in-puneWhen we first heard the name ‘Sara Soda’, we were curious to know the meaning of it. Sara means Pure and Soda stands for Soda, you guessed it right.

The place is located about 5 minutes away from Corinthians Club and is by the owners of Marrakesh. They serve Portuguese, Goan and Continental Cuisine. The interiors of the place will take you to Goa right away.

Sara Soda Location

What I Had

We were greeted with coconut water.


We tried a lot of Goan and Portuguese dishes here.

Fish Bowl

We started with the cocktail fish bowl. This is one of the new and trending sharing cocktails that come in a huge glass and you can sip away from the beginning to the end. This one had vodka, sambuca, gin, white rum and a lot of fruits and ice.


Shack Style Beef Chilli

This was cooked perfectly and the taste was on point. It was served with Poi or the Goan bread.


Prawn Balchao with Sannas

Prawn Balchao was delicious and was served with Goan rice cakes or sannas. It is a picked prawn preparation.


Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal is a Portuguese preparation with chicken marinated in coriander and mint, grilled and served with onion rings and sliced potatoes. This was served to us with Poi which is local Goan bread.


Fish Racheado

Fish stuffed with spicy and tangy Goan chilli masala.


For the mains, we had Mutton Vindaloo, Mutton Xacuti, Veg Caldinho, along with Goan Rice as well as Steamed Rice.


Gulab Jamun

The way the gulab jamun is served here is very interesting. The gulab jamuns are stuffed with sweetened carrots and are drizzled with a refreshing lemon grass rabdi.

gulab-jamun-sara soda

Crackling Walnut with Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream topped with caramelized walnuts.

walnut-dessert-sara soda

Sizzling Bebinka with Ice Cream

Bebinka is one of the traditional Goan layered desserts. The twist here is that it is served here on a sizzling plate. This was one amazing dessert.



Sara Soda has an indoor seating area, a mezzanine floor and a small outdoor seating area.  The interiors of the place depict Goa with its bright and vibrant colors.




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If you want a Goan experience in Pune, you must visit this amazing place.

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