Retox – Best Cocktails in Viman Nagar

Retox is an amazing place to be at in the evenings. The place is located in Viman Nagar near Phoenix Market City. It is a nice lounge bar where you can spend good time with some amazing and unique cocktails, good food and music.

Retox Location

What I Had


Strawberry Cheesecake Martini

This martini was topped with a lot of white chocolate foam and a biscuit crumble. It had a vodka base and some strawberry crush and lemon juice. This cocktail had an initial sweet taste and had a bit of sour and bitter aftertaste. It is a sweet but strong cocktail.


Caramelized Rum Punch

This is a rum based cocktail with caramelized brown sugar, pineapple juice and candied orange.
The candied orange lifts the flavor of the cocktail.


Pickle Jar

This was a vodka based cocktail presented like a pickle jar with blue curacao, raw mango and black salt. It was garnished with raw mango slices and chilli powder. This was a strong cocktail and according to me, the flavor of the vodka did not go well with the black salt and pressed mango.


Bombay Goa Iced Gola

A kala khatta ice gola was served with the base of the syrup as old monk. This was a little bitter for me, maybe because I enjoy the non alcoholic version of the ice gola better.

Bombay Goa Iced Gola-retox-viman-nagar

Color Color what Color

A vodka based cocktail with secret ingedients.

Color Color what Color-retox pune

Mad Scientist

This was a bubbly tequila based cocktail with blue curacao, lime and pineapple.


If you are one of those spiced cocktail lovers, you will like this one. It has a whisky base, cumin, lime and angostura.

The Retox

This gin based cocktail had cucumber juice, pineapple juice, black pepper and elderflower syrup in it.

LIIT Pitcher

This LIIT Pitcher came in with straws in it. It was a smoky liquid nitrogen pitcher.


Candy Crush Mojito

Homemade Cotton Candy topped with bacardi, mint, lime and grenedine.


Food at Retox

Roti Chips

Crispy fried chapati pieces loaded with salt, spices and a bit of green thecha that is crushed green chilli and garlic. These are amazingly crispy and tangy as well as spicy due to the thecha at the same time ,and you will be left craving for more.


Retox Original Fries

These french fries were loaded with cheese, jalepenos, onion, fried onion and drizzled with bbq, mayo and chilli sauce.


Hummus Peri Peri

The Hummus was ofcourse served with pita bread. The different thing about this hummus was that it was topped with the spicy piri piri sauce.


Italian Flatbread

Italian flatbread topped with pesto, paneer, olives and feta. I am not much of a pesto fan so although the taste was good, I did not have a lot of it.


Dragon Wings

It is always amazing to try the different varieties of chicken wings. These wings were tossed in dry red chilli, cashews, soy sauce and dark rum.

Chicken Malai

A nice mild kebab marinated in cream and spices. This was a non spicy yet delicious kebab.

Chicken Satay Skewers

The chicken satay skewers were cooked in the traditional Indonesian style with peanut sauce.

Butter Chilli Fish

Fish tossed in butter with chilli and garlic. Now, I don’t enjoy having basa much so I did not prefer having a lot of this.


Butter Chicken Tiffin

They have this interesting presentation with tiffin boxes. They serve the Retox tiffin with 2 parathas, rice, papad and a pickle. We had the butter chicken tiffin. The gravy was medium spicy with ground spices, cashews and pulled tandoor chicken.

Paneer Lababdaar Tiffin

Mangolian Stir Fry

These were noodles tossed in the Mongolian sauce and oriental vegetables.


Achari Dal Khichdi

If you like to have Indian comfort food, go for the Achari Dal Khichadi which is on the winter menu.

Peri Peri Maggi

Who does not enjoy maggi? This is a perfect pick on their winter menu. This maggi is topped with peri peri sauce.


Strawberry Cheesecake Martini – 429/-
Caramelized Rum Punch – 429/-
Pickle Jar – 429/-
Bombay Goa Iced Gola – 429/-
Color Color what Color – 429/-
Mad Scientist – 429/-
Spicejet – 429/-
The Retox – 429/-
Candy Crush Mojito – 429/-
Mongolian Stir Fry- 299/-
Butter Chicken Tiffin – 349/-
Chicken Satay Skewers – 239/-
Chicken Malai – 249/-
Dragon Wings – 269/-
Italian Flatbread – 349/-
Hummus Peri Peri – 199/-
Retox Original Fries – 259/-
Roti Chips – 129/-

If you are in a party mood, this is the perfect place for you.

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