Good News! The First Rental Photography Prop Store in Pune has launched in 2020!

Props are one of the most important elements in photography. That you landed here searching for them, you know the importance already!

Remember the last time you purchased an expensive cake stand and never went back to it after one shoot, or an expensive and exquisite tea pot which you thought you would use once in a future shoot but never ended up using?

Sounds like wastage of money doesn’t it? Well, Pune Prop Store has launched in Pune to help you solve this problem! Isn’t it exciting to know that you now have a photography prop store in your own Pune city where you can walk in and pick the props you like for your next shoot?! Well, not just on rent, you might also want to buy them as they are pretty reasonable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Photography Prop Store in Pune – Pune Prop Store

Pune Prop Store is the first rental prop store in Pune and one of the very few photography prop stores in India. They offer a variety of props on rent, specially for food photographers. Be it hand painted MDF backdrops, photography styling napkins, vinyl printed backdrops, canvas backdrops, wooden props, metal props, ceramics, slate or matte black props or even cake stands, they have it all covered.

Talking to the team, it was exciting to know that they are also introducing baby props and many more types very soon!

So the next time you have your shoot, you don’t have to spend hours searching for that perfect prop and hoping that it would reach on time and match well to the theme! You don’t even have to make a frantic run to the malls on the other side of the city to search for your perfect prop or even lend it from a friend! All you have to do is head to the Pune Prop Store or check for their catalogues online!

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