Nandi Hills – #5 Things to do Around Bangalore

On a recent trip to Bangalore, we visited Nandi Hills. Situated about 60 kms from Bangalore, the hills are easily accessible by road.

Nandi Hills Location

Nandi Hills were formerly called Ananda Giri or the Hill of Happiness. There are various speculations as to why the hills are called Nandi Hills. Some being, because the hill resembles a sleeping bull; the statue of Nandi outside Yoganandeeshwara Temple on the top of the hills; and also because of the huge statue of Nandi at the Bhognandeeshwara Temple at the base of the hills.


The hills and the surrounding areas have huge granite rocks atop. The hills are spread across many acres and have temples, gardens and lakes on them. It is also said to have a secret passage. The hills are generally covered with fog and clouds. The hills have a huge history as well. The fort was built by Tipu Sultan. It was a vacation retreat for the British when they ruled India. Later, many Indian dignitaries visited the place. A few places of attraction on these hills are named after them.


The best time to visit Nandi Hills is early in the morning around 7 or 8 am when the weather is pleasant and foggy. There are a few eateries on the hills. On an average you may end up spending around two hours on the hills.

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