Monkey King and Coffee Locale

Monkey King and Coffee Locale are located in the lanes of NIBM Road. Monkey King is a place which serves fast food, soups, starters, main course, rice and noodles, combos, desserts, brownie, cookies and other bakery products. Coffee Locale serves hot and cold beverages, smoothies, frappes, fizzers, pastas, sandwiches, burgers and all day breakfast.


Monkey King NIBM Location 

What I Had 

Ginger Lemonade

The ginger lemonade had the right amount of ginger and salt. The punch from the ginger was balanced with the lime and salt. I liked this ginger lemonade.


Watermelon Twist

Watermelon Twist had watermelon, mint, lime and was a little extra sweet for my liking. With the melting ice, the sweetness got balanced later.


Chicken Wantons

Although crispy, the chicken wantons were a bit extra salty for my liking. If the salt content is decreased, these would taste good.


Thread Chicken

These were chunks of chicken wrapped in crispy and thin noodles and hence the name thread chicken. The spiciness of the chicken was balanced with the flavor of the noodles. This was one dish which I enjoyed.


Chicken Crispy

Chicken crispy was a little spicy for my liking. The taste was good. The preparation was a little different from the usual chicken crispy we get at other places.


Hot Garlic and Burnt Garlic Rice

This was again a little bit spicy but full of flavor kind of dish.  The crispiness of the garlic which was added to the rice was different from the garlic used in the hot garlic and so, even though both the dishes had garlic, it went well together.


Monkey King and COffee Locale Ambience

The place has an outdoor seating area and a small indoor seating area.


coffee locale-ambience

Overall, a nice place for an evening or night. Also, if you like to have all day breakfast, this is the place to be at.

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