Kesarval Spring in Goa. #2 Best Offbeat Places to Visit in Goa

Kesarval Spring was my first choice when I though of visiting Goa again! Goa is like a second home to most of us. Who would debate on this point? When in Goa, we usually end up visiting beaches or forts. After visiting the Dudhsagar Falls in the previous year, I was on a hunt for more such experiences and places.

After some research, I realized that an offbeat place to visit in Goa apart from it’s beaches is Kesarval spring, a small spring-waterfall in Goa, prominent in the monsoons. There was hardly any proper information when I was researching about the place back then. I had seen the pictures of the spring somewhere on the web. This made me visit the beautiful place. The spring is popular amongst the locals for it’s medicinal properties, so you would usually find them have a dip in the spring.


Kesarval Spring Location

 A staircase led to the falls. The place was a bit secluded so it is better to travel with a group. It is also recommended that you visit it in the morning or the afternoon because of the same reason.


I also got to see some different flowers which I had not seen before. So I was happy to click pictures of those too. If you are reading this article and know the names of the flowers below, comment below.



How to Reach Kesarval Spring?

A landmark to reach the spring is the hotel Kesarval Retreat. The place is a little difficult to find. You have to take a left on the highway at Hotel Kesarval Retreat, when you travel towards south Goa. A map to this place is already attached above in this blog post. If you like to visit offbeat places like these, check out this post on Arambol Lake in north Goa.

Best Time to Visit Kesarval Spring

The best months to visit this place is from July to March. Usually, there is hardly any water in the Kesarval spring. In the monsoon season though, it is usually like a waterfall. Hence, it would be good to note that if there is a lot of water, it can rather get slippery to take a dip. Avoid bad situations like these always since safety comes first.

If you are close to nature, do visit this place.


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