How to use the Zomato Spoonback *2020 Update*

Are you confused as to where to place the Zomato spoonback code? Do you have a blog and want to link it to your Zomato account? Keep reading to find the answers. To begin with, you need to have an account on Zomato and a blog obviously and then follow the procedure. 

Add yourself as a blogger on Zomato

  1. Click on Blogger Help which you may find at the bottom of the Zomato website.
blogger help zomato

2. Add yourself as a blogger on Zomato by entering your name, Email, blog name and blog URL.

register as a blogger on zomato

3. Once that is done, you will receive an E-mail from Zomato.

zomato email register as a blogger

Add a Zomato spoonback to your blog

4. Write your blog post on wordpress or blogger.

5. Type the name of the selected restaurant on the Zomato website.

6. Scroll down till the end and look for this in the right sidebar.

spoonback image zomato

7. Click on add a Zomato spoonback to your blog.

8. Select the type of widget you want to place in your post and accordingly copy its code from the right.

spoonback code to blog post zomato

9. Paste the code in your blog post wherever you want it to be seen.

Where to add the Zomato Spoonback code on WordPress?

1. Classic Editor

spoonback code zomato wordpress

Click on Visual again after pasting the code in the Text Tab to see the Widget placed in your post.

    2. Gutenberg Editor

Click on the plus sign to select Widget block -> Select custom HTML -> Paste the Spoonback code in this block.

Add Zomato Spoonback Link to WordPress
WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Where to add the Zomato Spoonback code on Blogger?

spoonback code zomato blogger

Click on Compose once again to see the Widget in your post.

9. Publish your post.

In this post, a center tag was added to push the Widget in the center.

What next after the blog is published?

10. Wait for your post to get crawled. This may take 24 hours or more.

11.  Go to the Zomato website and click on Reviews

zomato reviews website

12. Select Blog Posts from the left sidebar.

zomato blog posts spoonback

13. Your Pending posts appear here.

zomato blog posts spoonback

14. Once the post appears here, rate it, add pictures, tag friends and publish.

You can also add widgets from Zomato to your blog to show your rank or level.

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