Foodography 17, Balgandharva Art Gallery

The Idea

Foodography was the idea by Mandar Kolhapure, who came to Pune few years back. Being a foodie, he liked to explore new joints and dishes. Slowly, he developed a habit of clicking the food as he explored it.

One fine day, he realized that he has a good collection of such pictures and realized that many others would also have a similar collection. He thought of presenting these pictures at an exhibition. He applied to book the Balgandharva Art Gallery a couple of months back.

After getting a confirmation from the gallery, he named it as Foodography. The main intention of Foodography was to showcase the food culture of Pune. It was also to provide a platform for the amateur photographers.

About the Foodography Exhibition

Subsequently, he met Angad Joshi. He shared the idea with him and he loved the idea. After 2 months of rigourous preparations, their hard work paid off. As a result, a successful exhibition with 50 participants and a total of 220 pictures and a footfall of 2000 plus took place.



About Me

As you know, I love to click food. The first thing that I do most of the times after getting my dish or making one is that I click it. My journey of clicking more and more pictures started with Instagram and it continued and started getting more and more serious.

One day, I got tagged by a couple of friends on a Facebook post, to send my entries for Foodography 17, a food photography exhibition, a first of it’s kind in India.

My Pictures Which Got Selected.

I was apprehensive in the beginning since I am not a professional photographer. I still decided to give it a shot and was happy to see that my pictures actually got selected from so many entries.


These were the pictures which got selected.




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