Flax, Kalyani Nagar

I don’t mind some healthy food on any particular day if it is a salad. Salads make me happy all the time. We were invited to flax, which is in the lanes of Kalyani Nagar where we tried some healthy but delicious food. The place is located in the Swimming Pool area of Nitro Gym. The ambience is perfect for an early evening or a breakfast. Their menu includes some super bowls, salads, sandwiches, wraps and cold press juices.

What I tried at Flax

Falafel Bowl

Falafel Bowl Flax Kalyani Nagar

From the Superbowls, we tried the Falafel Bowl. The contents of this bowl were fattoush, Cauliflower Couscous, Falafel, Pumpkin Moutabel, Beetroot Hummus, Pita Crisps and some Lemon Olive Oil Dressing. One if the best falafel bowls I have had, very colorful because of the Pumpkin Moutabel and beetroot hummus. All the elements in this bowl were super delicious and healthy.

Refresh Salad

Refresh Salad Flax Kalyani Nagar

From the Signature Salads, we had the Refresh Salad. The contents of the salad were Kale, Argula, Quinoa, Creamy Feta Cheese, Carrot, Tomato, Red Onion, Cranberry, Chia Seeds, Pomegranate, Almonds, Flax Seeds and Zesty Citrus Dressing.
Although it had so many elements, the salad had a balance of flavors. Loved how the cranberry gave it a sweet flavor on every other bite.

Spiced Indian Paneer Wrap

Spiced Indian Paneer Wrap Flax Kalyani Nagar

The wrap was a whole Wheat Tortilla stuffed with Argula, Spinach, Onion, Tomato, Jalapenos, Indian Spiced Paneer, Feta, Tzatzki and Salsa verde dressing.
For me the wrap was a little disappointing as I could only taste more of spicy paneer compared to the other ingredients. I personally don’t like paneer as much but if you like paneer, you might like this wrap.

The service was pretty good. The pool side tables for a nice healthy meal make it a good and refreshing combination. Would definitely visit again to try their other salads.

Flax, Kalyani Nagar

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