Coladas, Kharadi

Coladas is located at WTC in Kharadi. The place has a Hawaiian and Tropical theme which is reflected in the food as well as the drinks, the interiors and the presentation.

It gets its name from the popular tropical rum cocktail. The place had an indoor and an outdoor seating area. They also have some happy hours and offers running every day.

Coladas Location

What I Had

Hawaiian Head Shots

We were greeted with these pineapple based shots.


Active Volcano

This cocktail has a white rum base, mango, passion fruit and grenadine. All the punchy tropical flavors. It is served erupting.


Lava Head

Frozen tequila margarita, blue curacao and grenadine. This was served flaming. This drink looked stunning. The only problem with this was that the tequila got settled below the ice.


Maakad Mewa

To go along with the drinks, we were served the maakad mewa. This was a mix of chana, fried peas, nuts, lime and chaat masala. This snack had a few extra crunchy bits of peas which were difficult to chew.


Potato Cafreal

Potatoes tossed in the Goan Cafreal Masala. The coconut masala was amazing. Had never imagined eating a vegetarian version of cafreal but this one was on point.


Sindhi Nachos

These were fusion Nachos. The Indian style nachos were prepared in house and were topped with daal, chutney and cheese.


Chicken and Bacon Roll Ups

This was bacon wrapped chicken marinated in fresh herbs, crispy fried and served with caper cilantro dip.


Jerk Chicken Sticks

Chicken marinated in Jamaican spices, chopped garlic and herbs. The chicken was tender and yummy.


Green Thai Curry with Rice

The perfectly spiced and thick coconut curry was perfectly delicious. Loved the consistency of the curry.


Vodka Chicken Stroganoff

Bell peppers, chicken, gherkins and mushrooms were cooked in a vodka spiked brown sauce and served with rice. The sauce was a bit strong for my liking.


All in all, a good place if you are someone who likes to enjoy some music along with some unique and interesting cocktails. Plus, the Hawai and Tiki theme is unique.

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