Coffee Nation, Law College Road

*2019 Update – The place is now known as “Coffee Nation”.

Coffee Republic is a recently opened cafe on Law College Road. The place serves Hot Beverages, Hot Teas, Hot Chocolates, Classic Cold Coffees, Premium Milk Shakes, Ice Teas, Freak Shakes, Classic Waffles, Premium Waffles, Salads, Sandwiches and a few bakery items like Croissants and Muffins. This is a place where you can spend many hours at. There is WiFi as well as charging points.

Coffee Nation Location

What I Had


Thai Mutton Panini –                                                      280/-

 Rose Vinaigrette Salad –               210/-(Veg), 250/-(Non Veg)

Rainbow Waffle –                                                           250/-

Passion Fruit Ice Tea –                                                    140/-

Salted Pretzel and Caramel Freak Shake –                     350/-

Iced Americano –                       120/-(Regular), 140/-(Large)

Americano –                               100/-(Regular), 110/-(Large)

Thai Mutton Panini 

Thai Mutton Panini was served with coleslaw and wafers on the side. The mutton used was fresh. The filling was a Thai jam with typical Thai flavors of galangal, kaffir lime, chillis and lemon grass. The first bite you take is sweet which eventually develops to a spicy taste. I personally liked this one. Plus, mutton is usually not served at cafes so this is a treat for mutton lovers.


Rose Vinaigrette Salad 

The salad had a rose vinaigrette dressing. It was crunchy and the dressing was light so it settled at the bottom. Give it a toss from time to time to taste the deliciousness of the dressing with the salad.


Rainbow Waffle

This was one dish I was not really happy with. Although the toppings were nice, the waffle itself was a little soft. It lacked the crunch so I was disappointed with this one.


Passion Fruit Ice Tea

This was a very refreshing ice tea. The flavor of passion fruit was really natural and it was not at all overpowering.


Salted Pretzel and Caramel Freak Shake

One of the best freak shakes I have had. The pretzel at the top was crunchy. Since they make their own bakery products, it was fresh. The shake was not extra sweet since they don’t make use of extra sugar apart from what the ingredients actually have. There were pieces of pretzel at the base. Pretzel was also blended in the shake. The shake is not salty as such.


Iced Americano

This Australian steeped coffee brew is served cold. The rim of the glass is coated with coffee and sugar powder. The coffee is really strong and you would need a few sips to adapt to the taste as this is something new to the taste buds. If you want to enjoy this coffee, leave the straw aside. The sugar from the glass rim will balance out the bitter of the coffee.



Nothing complicated. Just the usual cup of Americano served hot.



The cafe has an indoor seating area as well as an outdoor seating area.




If you are around Law College Road and are looking for a new place, this is the place to try.

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