Cafe Kathaa, FC Road

Cafe Kathaa is a quaint cafe tucked in the lane opposite Vaishali. The menu at Kathaa is very elaborate and you are sure to get something of your choice at Kathaa, not restricted just to the food choices but also the activities there. Be it playing games or having some lone time reading books with your favorite coffee, working without fearing of low power or the weak hotspot or hosting a meeting, they have it sorted for all.

Cafe Kathaa Location

We were invited to the cafe to try their breakfast menu. When it comes to choices, you are sure to get confused with all the options you have.



The smoothies at Kathaa are made with homemade yoghurt and they use honey as a sweetener. They have a vast variety and combinations in smoothies which are great but I enjoyed this Kale and Green Apple one.
The green kale leaves and the green apple gave this smoothie a refreshing green color. The sweet and sour combination worked well for me.


Cafe Kathaa, FC Road

Apart from your regular masala and cheese omelettes, Kathaa has a few different options like Turkish, Tex Mex, Hungarian and Kathaa Jumbo Omelette. Most of these come with toasts and herbed potatoes on the sides. From all of them, loved the Tex Mex Omelette which was served with a Jalapeno Salsa and some spicy tortilla chips.
Go for the Kathaa Jumbo Omelette with a group of friends. The omelette consists of 8 eggs and is topped with mozzarella, sure to give you pizza vibes.

Other Egg Dishes


Nonetheless, egg dishes are not restricted only to omelettes. If you love to have other dishes like scrambled eggs, French toasts, shakshuka or even the classic boiled eggs, you’ll find all of this and even more at Kathaa. Shakshuka, the north African style poached egg was something which I enjoyed. They also had a Savoury French toast.



They also have some options in salads. We tried their Grilled cottage cheese and Melon salad. Although I love salads, I am not fond of cottage cheese. I would at any point go for the classic watermelon and feta cheese combination over this. Would skip this one when I visit next time.



The paratha we enjoyed was the methi matar malai paratha. The fenugreek added a nice twist to the paratha.
Apart from this one, they have variations of your regular aloo and paneer parathas too.



They have tried to make their pancakes healthier compared to those at other places. They offer unique options like coconut and avocado, candied ginger and carrot, baklava, Austrian pancake, Sprouts and more. They also have savoury pancakes. I enjoyed the chocolate pancake called The Devils Advocate.

Tea and Coffee


Even if you are a tea or a coffee person, they have it all. Right from green tea or black tea to the cold brews.

All in all, Kathaa is a nice place to spend hours at, especially for your evenings. A pretty cafe with so many options for everyone.

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