Cabaret, Baner

Cabaret is the perfect place to be at, be it as a cafe, a bar or as a restaurant. We were here for a breakfast tasting. The highlight of the place is that it is the only place in the area that opens at 7 am. A perfect solution to have an early breakfast.

Cabaret Baner Location

What I Had

Iced Tea

I can have Iced Tea at any time of the day. This one was a nice refreshing iced tea.


Peter Blast

Peter blast is a coffee based drink topped with whipped cream.


Hazelnut Frappe

I personally enjoy the flavor hazelnut imparts to coffee. This Frappe had a nice flavor of hazelnut and was well balanced.


Coffee Lush

For all the strong coffee lovers out there, this is something you may enjoy. For me though, it was a bit overpowering.


Cafe Mocha

The usual nice hot mocha.


Belgian Waffle Sandwich

Belgian waffle sandwich is served with chicken sandwich, french fries and some sides. This was a little odd combination for me.


Hash Brown Omelette

Omelette folded with mashed potatoes and chicken salami, hash brown, a grilled tomato and baked beans as sides. This was nice and filling.


English Breakfast

Sunny side up eggs, grilled bread, sausages and some salad with dressing as sides. A nice English breakfast.


Sri Lankan Omelette

So, if you are a bit experimental, you can go for this Sri Lankan Omelette which is a two eggs omelette with red chillis and curry leaves served with hash brown, bread and baked beans.


Spanish Omelette

The Spanish omelette here is very fluffy and goes flat later. It is accompanied with baked beans, grilled tomato, hash brown and grilled bread. If you have the omelette on its own, you might find it to be a bit bland if you are a spicy food lover.


Swiss Cheese Burger

If burgers are your thing, and you are not a paneer lover like me, go for this Swiss Cheese Burger. It has a potato, cheese and jalepeno patty ,mayo and served with iceberg lettuce, and french fries.


Cottage Cheese Burger

Needless to say, as I don’t like paneer much, Swiss Cheese Burger was the one that I enjoyed. This one has grilled cottage cheese chunks, onion ,veggies and is served with coleslaw and fries.


Veg Exotica

A pizza with the usual veggie toppings.


Bulgogi Chicken Pizza

For me, the Bulgogi Chicken pizza was a better choice. Bulgogi is a Korean style and means fire meat and is used as a topping on this pizza.


         Red Velvet Pastry

The perfect red velvet pastry.


Waffle Combo

Waffles served with blueberry toppings, ice cream and whipped cream.


Swiss Roll

This was from the new menu.


Ice Cream Cake

The last one is the ice cream cake which is a layered dessert with oreo biscuit base which is hard and a bit difficult to break but has a really nice nutty oreo taste. It is topped with ice cream and oreo crumbs.


So what are you waiting for? The next time you are up a little early and are confused where to head to, you have a solution.

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