BMG Unplugged – Visit when in Amanora

BMG Unplugged has opened in Amanora Mall this month. The place has two outlets in Dehradun. The one in Pune in the Amanora Mall is the third one. BMG- Be My Guest is a nice place to spend an afternoon at and is even better in the evenings with its superb ambience and lighting.


What I Had in BMG Unplugged


The cocktails at BMG Unplugged are presented in a really unique way. They have some interesting cocktails coming up as well.

Whiskey Old Fashion – Lavender

The classic whiskey cocktail with a hint of lavender. It was strong but at the same time subtle due to the lavender.


Berry Basil

A beer based cocktail with a bit of strawberry and basil.


Khufiya Shaana

This one has a base of spice rum and has fruits, basil, apple juice and mint. Again a strong drink.


Confused Infused

Spice Infused Bourbon Whiskey with apricots, star anaise,cinammon, cloves and honey.


Firangi Pauva

This one is a strong drink with a whiskey base, tangerine and honey.


Dragon Popcorn

Liquid nitrogen tossed munchies. The minute you pop these in your mouth, you blow out smoky air from your mouth and so the name.



Re-diconstructed Tokri Chaat

This was one of my favorites here. It has a North Indian Chaat touch to it.


Sharabi Tikka

Flambéed Chicken Tikka if you like that hint of alcohol in your meat.


Mushroom Galouti

These literally just melt in your mouth. It is made from minced and ground ingredients and so it just disappears when you have it.


Mediterranean Pizza

The way the pizza is presented here is totally different and the pizza is drizzled with olive oil. Amazing taste and texture.


Jalepeno Cheese Croquettes

These tasted good but did not have that stringy mozzarella center.


Pao Bhaji Fondue

Fondue has really picked up these days. Indian versions of Fondue like Misal Fondue and Pav Bhaji Fondue are getting popular by the day. This one was tasty and the Bhaji was prepared in the North Indian style.

Pav bhaji fondue

Chicken Tawa Taka Tak

Chicken Tawa served with Indian Bread. It is like a complete meal.


Chocolate Momos

A good chocolate filling but a little dry.



This Rabdi was served with Gulab Jamun. This one failed to impress me.



The place is really big. It has an outdoor seating area as well as a huge indoor seating area. The place is done really well. The place has a musical vibe to it.





All in all, BMG Unplugged is a good place for food, unique drinks and a lot of live gigs and music.

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