Alibaug Weekend Getaway, Catch the best sunset in Alibaug

Alibaug is one of the most common Weekend Getaway options for those who live in Pune as well as Mumbai.

One such weekend, we decided to go to Alibaug. We left from Pune pretty early in the morning. Things were all good till we were on the expressway. Once we reached the interiors, the roads went from bad to worse. We realized why it takes so much of time to reach Alibaug in spite of the fact that it is so close from Pune.

Our best experiences around Alibaug

Nagaon Beach in Alibaug

We reached the Nagaon Beach in Alibaug which was a disaster. It was super crowded. After looking at the crowd, we decided to ditch the common places people visit in Alibaug. We decided to visit the beach again on the next morning in the hope of lesser crowd.

We actually did visit it again on the next morning as per the plan. Luckily for us, we got what we were looking for, a little bit of peace.

Korlai Beach

Coming back to day 1, after the Nagaon beach disaster, we had lunch and then headed to the Korlai beach. Korlai beach is along a very busy fishermen’s village.

Korlai Village Dry Fish - I For Explore

You would find fish neatly arranged for drying around the village. Trust me, if you are a vegetarian, you will hate it. It is difficult to bear the smell even if you love fish!

Korlai Fort Beach - I For Explore
Korlai Village Alibaug - I For Explore

Korlai Fort

Our experience in Korlai was pretty good. Although the fort is almost in ruins, the view from atop was totally worth it. Except for the smell of the dry fish around, you would enjoy this offbeat destination in Alibaug. The road to the Korlai Fort is pretty narrow and goes in from the Korlai village.

Korlai Fort - I For Explore

Korlai Fort Lighthouse

We went till the the Korlai Fort Lighthouse. The view around the Korlai Lighthouse was beautiful. I would recommend you to not take your car till the end towards the lighthouse as the road was pretty narrow and risky at that time. Park the car somewhere at the base of the Korlai Fort.

I would recommend you to see the sunset from this place rather than any other crowded place in Alibaug. According to me, the best sunset point in Alibaug is this one!

Birla Temple

Another destination which is around 20 minutes away from the Korlai Fort Lighthouse is the Birla Temple. Although we skipped going to this place, we past by the temple. Since I have visited the temple in the past, I know that it is a popular tourist destination.

Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach is a little more isolated compared to the Nagaon Beach in Alibaug. It is about 20 minutes away from the Nagaon beach. You can also see the Revdanda Beach Fort ruins here. I recommend you to visit this place before 6 pm atleast since it turns isolated and deserted later.

Alibaug Beach

Lastly, on our way back to Pune, we went to the Alibaug Beach. You can spot the Kulaba Fort or the Alibaug Fort from this beach.

Alibag Beach - Kulaba Fort - I For Explore

Food around Nagaon Beach

We had some of the best Konkani and Maharashtrian Thalis in eateries around the Nagaon Beach.

Lunch in Alibag - I For Explore
Fish Thali at Old Mahesh Lunch
Fish Thali in Alibag - I For Explore
Fish Thali at New Mahesh Lunch
Mahesh Lunch - I For Explore
Breakfast in Alibaug - I For Explore

I would probably not consider Alibaug as a good getaway option or visit it again. But if you happen to visit, skip the crowded places there! The best part about this trip was the food and the sunset from Korlai.

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