“I For Explore” was launched in late 2016 as an informational micro blog to share my travel and food experiences from all around the world.

Featured In

Pune Times Newspaper, February 2018.

FBOI Website “Top 10 Instagram Influencers in Pune”, March 2018.

Citadel Magazine, June 2018 Issue.

Femina Magazine, August 2018 Issue.

Magic Pin Website “Top 19 Food Bloggers in Pune”, October 2018.

Pune Food Blog Website “10 Popular Pune Food Bloggers That Add The Tang In Tango”, July 2019.

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In this journey, I got the opportunity to meet amazing people.

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Random Facts

Many people asked ever since, “But “E” is for explore, why “I” for explore?” So, here goes the quick and honest fact about the name of this blog. Everyone already knows that since blogging is so popular these days, “E” was already taken, and “I” love to explore.  I intended to share “micro” posts about the places I visited as a foodie as well as the offbeat places I visited as a traveler and an explorer.

Random facts about me

I am an engineer from Pune. I speak Marathi, English, Hindi and German. The things I love to do are visiting various restaurants, trying out different cuisines, trying to cook the food I see on recipe shows or online, spending hours learning new things on Google and YouTube. Over the years, while doing all of this, I have developed an interest in photography.


I love to travel. Niagara Falls is one of my favorite places. After visiting the east coast of USA, I have traveled to Dubai, Sydney and a few countries in Europe in the following years.  My travel stats of 2018 look something like this.

Google Maps Stats I For Explore

Most of the blogs of the places I visited will be up in the coming months. I like writing on Tripadvisor too.

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When it comes to food, I write about my restaurant visits on my blog as well as on Zomato.

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I share my food and travel experiences on Instagram too.

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