chocolate cereal breakfast bowl

Top 10 Breakfast Bowls I made over the past few months.

I always love to try and make breakfast bowls. They are healthy, quick to make and look fancy. Here are the top 10 breakfast bowls I made in the past few months.

Chocolate Cereal Bowl

The simplest of all. Just a basic bowl of chocos to be topped with milk later. Not really healthy.

chocos breakfast bowl

Green Apple and Dry Fruits Breakfast Bowl

Green Apple, almonds, cashews, cereal topped with milk later.

green apple dryfruit breakfast bowl

Pomegranate Kiwi Breakfast Bowl

Pomegranate and almond smoothie breakfast bowl topped with Kiwi fruit.

kiwi pomegranate breakfast bowl

Mango Banana Breakfast Bowl

Mango, banana, strawberry, mulberry and cereal topped with milk later.

mango banana strawberry mulberry breakfast bowl

Dragon Fruit Bowl

Dragon fruit, mango, grapes, kiwi fruit bowl board.

dragon fruit mango grape breakfast bowl

Cereal Bars and Fruits Coconut Bowl

Cereal bars, dry fruits, coconut, orange, pomegranate and sapota coconut bowl.

coconut bowl breakfast bowl cereal bar

Canary Fruit Bowl

Canary melon, mango cream, coconut and apple fruit bowl.

canary melon mango breakfast bowl

Cereal Coconut Bowl

Cereal bars, cereal, coconut, orange and pomegranate coconut bowl.

coconut breakfast bowl cereal bar

Berries Breakfast Bowl

Strawberry, mulberry, banana and cereal breakfast bowl.

strawberry banana mulberry breakfast bowl

Cereal Coconut Bowl.

A normal cereal and milk coconut bowl.


PS – Check for allergies and reactions before combining random ingredients. What works for us may not work for you.

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