Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup is one of the yummiest broth, specially if spicy is your thing. If you get your hands at the ingredients, it is easy to make too. This soup originated in Thailand and you usually find the non vegetarian version of it everywhere, but I made this one vegetarian.

For my Thai Tom Yum Soup, I gathered baby corn, mushrooms, basil, lemongrass, ginger(since galangal is not easily available here) and red chillies.

You can start with vegetable broth or non veg broth. If not, you can make your own broth and start making this soup. Add on the veggies to it till the flavors get infused in the broth. Give it a nice simmer and find it ready.

tom yum soup

Even though it is so easy to make, I have had my lazy days and tried it at various restaurants in Pune.

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