chocolate stuffed gulab jamun punjab grill pune

Punjab Grill, Viman Nagar

Punjab Grill serves traditional Punjabi cuisine. The place is located in Phoenix Market City, on the second floor and has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area. We were here for a tasting recently and had a pretty good experience at the place. The service was smooth and the staff was welcoming.


2nd Floor, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune-411004

What I Had


Kheera with Jeera

A nice fresh mocktail to try. Cucumber and cumin along with a splash of soda. The flavors went well together.

kheera with jeera viman nagar pune


Tandoori Sal

Salmon tikka grilled to perfection. One of the best fish tikkas I have had.

tandoori salwan punjab grill viman nagar pune

Chaap Tajdar

Traditional Punjabi lamp chops flavored with cloves, black cardamom and kasoori methi. Was tender, delicious and spicy.

lamb chops punjab grill viman nagar pune

Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill

Chicken chunks steeped in cumin, cheese, cream, garlic and roasted in a tandoor.

Paneer Tikka Multani

Paneer chunks infused with herbs, batter coated and char grilled.

Dahi kebab

Kebabs made out of smooth, hung curd with overtones of cardamom and coriander and golden fried.

dahi kebab punjab grill viman nagar

Bharwan Mushroom

Mushroom stuffed with pickle spiced paneer and minced mushroom. A pretty spicy preparation.

bharwan mushroom punjab grill


For the mains we were served Dal Punjab Grill, Murgh Makhanwala, Meat Punjab Grill, Murgh Biryani

punjab grill viman nagar main course


Litchi ki Tehri

Thickened milk, reduced with litchi and topped with makhana for the texture. Could have been more thick.

lychee ki tehri punjab grill viman nagar pune

Chocolate Stuffed Gulab Jamun

A chocolate twist to the traditional gulab jamun. Could have been more chocolaty. The syrup had a thin consistency so could not taste the chocolate much.

chocolate stuffed gulab jamun punjab grill pune
chocolate stuffed gulab jamun punjab grill pune

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