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Khiva, Viman Nagar – You know where to head to…

For the background, Khiva gets its name from the Uzbek city Khiva, also known as the land of the rugged people. Khiva serves central Asian delicacies. The place surely lives up to its theme. The ambience is spectacular with Middle Eastern and Afghani music played in the background.

We were invited for a tasting to Khiva by Imraan, who played the perfect host. Khiva is located on the 3rd floor of Phoenix Market City. The place has an indoor seating area.


3rd Floor (Take the escalators opposite KFC on 2nd Floor to go on the 3rd floor), Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411 014.

What I Had


Para sticks, made out of maida are served complimentary to kill time, till the first order comes in and are served with three chutneys as dips.

parra khiva viman nagar

Yakini Shorba

Highly flavored lamb soup simmered with Indian spices and a drizzle of lemon juice and fresh mint. The soup was spicy.

yakini shorba khiva viman nagar pune

Tamater Shorba

Tomato soup seasoned with Indian spices.

tamatar shorba khiva viman nagar pune

Makai Seekh Kebab

Vegetarian seekh kebab made with corn spiced with fresh herbs. Tasted good but was a bit dry for my liking. Ask for your favorite dips to accompany it.

veg makai seekh khiva viman nagar pune

Mutter Aur Cheese Ka Tikka

Patties of green peas and herbs stuffed with cheese and saffron and shallow fried to perfection. The walnut went well with the taste of the tikka.

mutter aur cheese ka tikka khiva viman nagar pune

Peshawari Paneer Tikka

Creamy malai paneer marinated in yogurt flavoured with yellow chilli and cooked on char grill. Not a big fan of paneer but liked this one.

peshawari paneer tikka khiva viman nagar pune

Chakori Murgh

Chicken leg meat marinated in yogurt, hara masala and roasted.

chakori murgh khiva viman nagar pune

Tandoori Shikari Tangdi

Char grilled chicken drumsticks in a tangy marinade of kashmiri chillies and fenugreek.

tandoori shikari tangdi khiva viman nagar pune

Barra Kebab Lazeez

Tender lamb chops and nalli marinated in a tangy pepper marinade and kachiri, char grilled to perfection.

barra kebab lazeez khiva viman nagar

Dal Khiva

Black lentils cooked overnight and simmered with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, cream and butter. Served with a dallop of white butter.

dal khiva viman nagar pune

Gosht ki Dum Biryani

Lamb biryani cooked with basmati rice in dum style.


Zaffrani Angoori Rasmalai

Marble shaped oodles of milk in saffron flavored reduced milk garnished with pistachios.

zaffrani angoori rasmalai khiva viman nagar pune

Lychee ki Tehri

Reduced milk with lychee. The best dessert here. A must try.

lychee ki tehri khiva viman nagar pune

Khubhani ka Meetha

A rich preparation of apricots stewed in honey and garnished with dry nuts.

khubbani ka meetha khiva viman nagar pune

Baked Anjeer Halva

An Awadhi speciality, khowa based anjeer halva.

baked anjeer halva khiva viman nagar

Elaichi Jamun

Jamun with a stuffing of saffron and prunes.

gulab elaichi jamun dessert khiva viman nagar


khiva viman nagar ambience pune

khiva viman nagar ambience pune

khiva ambience viman nagar pune

All in all, Khiva serves good food, has an amazing service, a welcoming staff and also has a wonderful ambience. The only issue could be the price point of the dishes.

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