Kesarval Spring, Goa

When in Goa, we usually end up visiting beaches or forts. One offbeat place to visit in Goa apart from it’s beaches is Kesarval spring, a small spring-waterfall in Goa, prominent in the monsoons.


The spring is popular amongst the locals for it’s medicinal properties. Usually, there is hardly any water in the spring. In the monsoon, it is usually like a waterfall. A staircase leads you to the falls. The place is a bit secluded so it is better to travel with a group.

Kesarwal Spring Goa


A landmark to reach the spring is the hotel Kesarval Retreat. The place is a little difficult to find. You have to take a left on the highway, near Kesarval Retreat, when you travel towards south Goa. If you like to visit offbeat places, check out this post on Arambol Lake in north Goa.

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