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Fish Thali Places In Goa

Be it anywhere in India, a thali is something that is filling, tasty and affordable. So when I visited Goa this time, along with trying a few fancy places, I decided to try a few places where I could have a good seafood meal. These are a few places I tried this time for the fish and seafood thali.

Fish Thali at Sai Bar, North Goa

This place is really pocket friendly and serves good seafood. The thali here consisted of kokam, fried fish, fish curry, rice, kismur, mussels and a salad.

fish thali sai bar baga goa

Fish Thali at Fat Fish, North Goa

Fat Fish is popular for its seafood. This thali was not just tasty but the thali itself was plated so well that it gave a seafood vibe in itself. Along with the regular curries and seafood, this one had a vegetarian sabji as well.

fish thali fat fish goa

Portuguese/Goan Seafood Thali at Antique Mardol, Verna

Not a pleasing experience at this place as the food served was not warm. Most of the stuff on the thali was cold. Liked the solkadi which came in the thali though. This thali had a few Portuguese preparations in it as well. In general, the place is difficult to find, almost like in a basement and very dark. Disappointed with the ambience. Visited the place since I had seen pictures of a thali on a banana leaf and found this place when I looked for the same.

fish thali antique mardol verna goa

Special Fish Thali at Girish Ranche Ghar, South Goa

Last but the best, this thali was the one I enjoyed the most. This place is a must visit. When in south Goa, do visit this place. The mussels were cooked to perfection and were delicious. The fried fish was also worth it. The quantity offered was amazing as well.

special fish thali girish ranche ghar goa

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on more thali places in Goa, do let us and everyone know about the same in the comments below.

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Also, after having thali, if you want to have a fancy sea facing dining experience, check out Antares in North Goa.

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