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Estroso, Wadgaon Sheri

Not too far away from Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park, Estroso is another pizzeria that you must definitely visit. What is unique about this pizzeria? Yes, you get 100% wood fired pizzas over here. The pizzeria opens at 3pm and closes by 11pm.


 What I Had
Iced Tea Peach
ice tea estroso pune
Was pretty disappointed with Iced Tea Peach here. It was really inconsistent in every order. This one can be a little better.
Virgin Mojito
Virgin Mojito was better than the Iced Tea Peach here. Given a choice between the two, I would go for this one.
Spanish Chicken Wings
spanish chicken wings estroso pune
Spanish chicken wings cooked in In house barbeque sauce,  chilli flakes, rosemary and pepper. These taste sweet on your first bite and later you can taste the spice. Delicious and totally worth trying.
Garlic Bread With Cheese
cheese garlic bread estroso
One of the best cheese garlic breads I had recently. Cheesy with the perfect amount of herbs. Cannot miss this one either.
cheese garlic bread estroso
Pizza of the Caribbean
pizza of the carribean estroso pune
Yes, has to have pineapple, you guessed it right. Cheddar, jalepenos, pineapple and sundried tomatoes. We Flambéed this pizza. 10 ml of dark rum was used to Flambé this pizza. The flavor of the rum went really well with the pineapple topping of the pizza.
flambe pizza pune estroso
Oh my Veggies
The toppings on this pizza were olives, bell pepper, baby corn, garlic, onion and jalepeno. Another yummy veg pizza
Half and Half Smoky Pollo and The Roast of Chicken
half n half pizza
We went for a half and half of the two pizzas. Both the pizzas were really good but I liked the Smoky Pollo better as I love the toppings on it.
Smoky Pollo
Pizza topped with barbeque chicken, onion, sundried tomato, garlic and mushroom.
The Roast of Chicken
Pizza topped with roast chicken, jalepeno, onion and goat cheese.
Aglio Olio
aglio olio estroso
Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, chilli, garlic and parsley. This one had the perfect balance of flavor.
Veg Ravioli
veg ravioli estroso pune
Ravioli is something which I enjoy eating. This one had the spinach and goat cheese stuffing and was cooked in pink sauce.
Chicken Ravioli
lemon butter ravioli estroso pune
Chicken and goat cheese ravioli in lemon butter sauce. Now, this one was a little overpowering for me because of the lemon zest it had.
Banana Hazelnut Calzone
calzone banana chocolate estroso
One of the best and unique chocolate dessert I have had recently. This one takes a bit of time to be served but it is made fresh and is totally worth the wait.
——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Iced Tea Peach – 150/-
Virgin Mojito – 150/-
Spanish Chicken Wings – 195/-
Garlic Bread With Cheese – 200/-
Pizza of the Caribbean – 9″ -270/-, 12″ – 375/-
Oh my Veggies – 9″ -270/-, 12″ – 375/-
Smoky Pollo – 9″ -345/-, 12″ – 440/-
The Roast of Chicken – 9″ -345/-, 12″ – 440/-
Aglio Olio – 275/-
Veg Ravioli – 350/-
Chicken Ravioli – 350/-
Banana Hazelnut Calzone – 375/-
Overall, a good place with good food. Would definitely return to try more stuff on the menu.

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