arambol sweet water lake goa

Arambol Sweet Water Lake in North Goa.

One offbeat place to visit in Goa is the Arambol Sweet Water Lake. A 20 minute walk from the Arambol Beach takes you to this secluded lake. A nice place to visit at the sunset. A small strip of the beach seperates the lake from the sea. A good idea is to visit the place in the afternoon and return back just around sunset since there are changes in tides and that can be risky.


arambol beach goa

The path from the beach to the lake is deserted in the off seasons.

arambol beach goa

The lake is safe to dip your feet in, but has a lot of algae.

arambol lake goa

What is unique is that even though the lake is right beside the beach, it is a sweet water lake. When you visit north Goa, do visit this place for a good experience with both, a beach and a lake around.

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