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A Sneak Peek Into Great State Aleworks Brewery

Great State Aleworks is a production only craft brewery based out of Pune. Vandana from Great State Aleworks invited us over and gave us a walkthrough of the brewery. The brewery is one of the largest craft breweries in the state. They run a 1,000 liter Brewhouse with a starting capacity of 9,000 liters.

great state aleworks brewery pune mumbai

Flagship Beers


A take on the Belgian Wit style beer, an easy drinking, unfiltered ale with the bright aroma of orange zest and earthy tones of coriander.

belgian wit great state aleworks pune

Off Duty Pale Ale

A sessionable pale ale with an enjoyable bitterness, an aroma of tropical fruit and a crisp, clean finish.

pale ale great state brewery pune
Off Duty Pale Ale

great state aleworks

The team gave us information about various aspects about brewing and the brewery.

grains to make beer

Beer is basically made out of malt, hops, water and yeast as its primary ingredients.  Malt acts like sugar and gives beer its sweetness. Hops add bitterness, spiciness, floral or fruity flavors to the beer. Water is another aspect which imparts flavor to the beer. Yeast is the live organism which helps with the fermentation process.

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The process which takes place is as follows





-Wort seperation and cooling



pale ale great state brewery pune

The brewery plans to introduce 1 new beer each month making it available for a limited period, making it 14 flavors a year, 2 of which are their flagship beers. Some of their past experiments include special batches of Gooseberry Saison, Lemongrass Wit, Lavendar Honey Saison and Hibiscus Pale Ale to name a few. The flagship beers will be intoduced next month in Mumbai and Pune. You could grab your glass at Sassy Spoon, all outlets of  Malaka Spice, Morrison Mastana and more.

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